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Royalohm supplier of top quality resistors which include Surface Mount Thin Film and Through Hole Precision, Surface Mount Thick Film Chip, Current Sense 'Low-Ohm', Single-in-line, Coated Through Hole, Cement Power, Industrial and Automotive Resistors: from Legacy Distribution

With several resistor manufacturers currently in the market all offering a broad range product, choosing a reliable partner can present a challenge. ROYALOHM has 39yrs of resistor manufacturing & distribution experience and its adaptability to an ever changing market contributes to its continuous new product development and growth. ROYALOHM has a reputation for supplying top quality resistors, with competitive pricing, reliable delivery, worldwide acceptability and generally of being a “trusted brand”.

As an authorised distributor LEGACY DISTRIBUTION can supply all series types manufactured by ROYALOHM which include Surface Mount Thin Film & Through Hole Precision, Surface Mount Thick Film Chip, Current Sense ‘Low-Ohm’, Single-in-line, Coated Through Hole, Cement Power, Industrial & Automotive Resistors, customised & special application types are also supplied.

ROYALOHM an ISO/TS 16949 : 2009, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 : 2004 certified Resistor Manufacturer.

Surface Mount Resistors

Coated Resistors

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