BETLUX Product Selection Guide

Graphic showing Betlux products


LED Lamp

BETLUX offer an extensive range of high performance solid state LED lamps in sizes ranging from 3mm to 10mm diameter in a variety of different colors and profiles. Elliptical and round LEDs incorporating selected high performance substrates from A1Galnp/GaAs to InGaN ensure the most demanding application requirements can be satisfied.

Wide angle diffused, water clear and tinted option are available along with rectangular, chimney and special shaped versions. Whether for general indication or more specific bespoke applications there will be a BETLUX LED to meet your needs

  • Ultra LED Lamps
  • Standard LED (Round Types for 3, 3.4, 4, 4.7, 4.8, 5 )
  • Standard LED (Rectangular Types)
  • Standard LED (Cylindrical & Tower Types)
  • Bigger Size LED Lamps
  • oval LED Lamps
  • Bi-Color LED Lamps/Bi-polar LED
  • RGB Color LED Lamps
  • Blinking (flash) LED Lamps
  • Super Flux LED Lamps

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LED Display

BETLUX offer a full range of seven-segment displays from low cost, standard brightness displays to higher bright light displays. We can support strong Blue and White display base on Cree chip, which offers high reliability and good performance.

The BL series of displays are available in single, two, three, four and more, including alpha-numeric LED display (14 segment or 16 segment) and LED sign display, and in many colors and character heights. Seven-segment displays are available in two platforms. Industrial application displays are designed for high reliability applications and feature extremely durable packaging for high temperature environments. Consumer application displays are designed for cost sensitive, general purpose display applications. Whatever your specific application, we have a seven-segment display to meet your needs.

  • Single digit LED (Light Emitting Diodes) seven segment display
  • Dual digit LED seven segment display
  • Three digit LED seven segment display
  • Four digit LED seven segment display
  • 14/16 LED segment display
  • LED Clock Display
  • LED Big Segment Display
  • LED DOT Matrix (for indoor and outdoor)

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Surface Mount Chip LED’s for applications that require small size, high efficeiency and low power consumption. We offer an extensive range of high quality Chip LED products to meet demands for virtually any surface mount lighting application.

PLCC SMT LED family comprises of both PLCC-2 and PLCC-4 packages, which are available in a wide selection of colors with a super wide viewing angle of 120. This new family of LEDs provides a form and fit replacement for products from other major manufacturers.

  • Chip LED Lamps 0603
  • Chip LED Lamps 0805
  • Chip LED Lamps 1206
  • Chip LED Lamps 1204
  • Mount Dual Color LED Lamps
  • Mount Tri-Color LED Lamps
  • Infrared Chip LED Lamps
  • PLCC LED Lamps

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High Power LED

We provide 1W, 3W and higher power LEDs and solution to meet customer requirement.
Lens and cooling-planet are available also.


Various Colors: Blue, green, red, amber, white
More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps
Low voltage operated
Instant light
Long operating life

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Infrared Led

BETLUX offer a broad range of discrete Infrared components for applications including remote control, IR wireless data transmission, security alarm and PC mouse. Product features include high power, high speed, wide viewing angles, high signal-to-noise ratio and UL safety approval. Chip materials include GaAs 940nm, AlGaAs high power 880nm, AlGaAs high speed 875nm/850nm. Photodiodes and Phototransistors with filter are also available to reduce ambient light noise or enhance signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Infrared Emitting LED
  • Silicon Photo Transistors

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LED Cluster

LED cluster that is housed in a waterproof package with hood and is suitable for indoor and outdoor information boards. The cluster has various LEDs to be selected, made up from superbright LEDs. Suitable for use with most solid state video cameras to illuminate objects in total darkness.


Various Color, in single,Dual-color or tri-color (RGB color)
Round or Square Shape with kinds of dimension.
Waterproof and dustproof

  • Square LED Lamp Cluster
  • 15mm square | 19mm square | 21mm square | 26mm square | 28mm square
  • 39mm square
  • Round LED Lamp Cluster
  • 15mm diameter round | 19mm diameter round | 26mm diameter round
  • 52mm diameter round
  • Lamp Cluster Sets
  • 11mm square 16 sets | 18mm square 16 sets
  • 11.4mm square 64 sets | 12.5mm square 64 sets

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LED Light Bar

Light Bars and bar graph arrays.
When portability and battery back-up are vital, the solution is very low-drive-current. The range of light bars are rectangular light sources designed for a variety of applications where a large, bright source of light is required. These light bars are configured in single-in-line and dual-in-line packages that contain either single or segmented light emitting areas.
We also offer 10-element LED arrays that are designed to display information in easily recongnisable bar graph form. The packages are end stackable and therefore capable of displaying long strings of information.

LED arrow displays are specially for lift/Elevator application. We offer different dimension for individual design… which has one side, one side down etc.

  • LED light Bar
  • Bar Arraygraph
  • LED arrow Display

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LED Strip Lighting

BETLUX® design and manufacture many different types of LED strip lights for multipurpose use, which include SMD type LED, PLCC LEDs with round or flat lens, Super Flux LED, through hole LED, etc. These LED strips come in different colours and sizes to suit your needs. We provide custom sizes and configurations for more specialised applications.

These LED strips can be used as a replacement or accent lighting in commercial, residential and industrial environments; can be used as backlighting in decoration and advertisement; can be used in illumination devices, etc. Applications for our LED products is virtually limitless. By utilising these LED products, we can create some really unique and eye-catching solutions.

Because of the low power consumption, and high reliability of these lights they can also be used for alternative lighting sources and can even be powered by battery or solar systems to greatly reduce energy consumption

  • SMD type LED Strip Lighting
  • PLCC LED round lens Strip Lighting
  • PLCC LED flat lens Strip Lighting
  • Super Flux LED Strip Lighting
  • Through-hole LED Strip Lighting

ED strip catalogues by LED colour

LED MONO COLOUR LIGHT STRIP(single colour LED strip,AlInGaP [Red, Amber]

InGaN [Blue, Green, White])

Full data is available for all lines if you contact LEGACY sales.