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LEGACY DISTRIBUTION is a Franchised Distributor & Stockist of
Opto-Electronic, Interconnect & Passive Electronic Components specialising in the supply of Resistors for a wide range of applications.

BETLUX LED's and LED DisplaysROYALOHM SMD and Leaded ResistorsPEC Power Resistors inc.Vitreous Enamelled typesSUNTAN Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors, TrimmersTHINKING circuit Protection Component


Legacy Resistor Specialist

With more than 40 years experience in Distribution we offer a complete range of Through-Hole & SMD Resistor Solutions including Thin Film Precision, Thick Film, Current Sense, Pulse & Surge Withstanding, High Voltage, Wire-wound, Precision Metal Film, Power Ceramic, Cement Wire-wound, Aluminium Clad & Fusing types.

High Power 0603(0.1Watt) & 0805(0.25Watt) Thin Film Precision Resistors 0.1% 25ppm now available with an MOQ=100pcs and 1Kpc reels from Legacy stock. NEW Visit our Stock List for details.

Product Range:

BETLUX LED’s and LED Displays
ROYALOHM SMDand Leaded Resistors
PEC Power Resistors inc.Vitreous Enamelled types
SUNTAN Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitors, Trimmers
THINKING Circuit Protection Components
WALSIN Tech Corp Passive Components
AMTEK NEW Product Range coming soon…

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1243 268131 Email: sales@legacydistribution.co.uk