PEC – innovative solutions to your Precision and Power Resistor needs

Graphic for PEC range


Vitreous Enamelled Axial Lead Resistors

Key Features
1. Impervious Vitreous Enamel.
2. High Pulse Overload Capability.
3. Meets CECC 40201 Specification.
4. Meets JSS 50402 Specification.
5. European Form and Fit Design.
6. Green Enamel Colour.
7. Allows High Speed Lead Forming.

Silicone Coated Axial Leaded Resistors

Key Features
1. High Temp Silicone Coating.
2. Close Tolerance, Low TCR.
3. Non Inductive Versions.
4. Approved since 1977 to JSS 50402.
5. Screened Quality Available.
6. High Surge Version Available.
7. Meets CECC 40201 Specs.

Vitreous Enamelled, Radial Tubular Resistors

Key Features
1. Rugged Enamel Coating.
2. High Power in Small Size.
3. Non Inductive Versions.
4. Withstands High Short Term Surges.
5. High Moisture Resistance.
6. Quick Connect TerminalsAvailable.
7. Choice of Terminals.

Capacitor Discharge & Symmetry Resistors

Key Features
1. Direct Mounting on Capacitors.
2. High Pulse-Withstand Capability.
3. Stainless Steel Terminals.
4. Two Mounting Pitches Available.
5. Moisture Resistant Silicone Coat.
6. Superior Quality Weld Joints.


Ceramic Cased, Low Ohmic, Non Inductive

Key Features
1. Very Low Ohmic Values.
2. Non Inductive Construction <20nH.
3. For Current Sensing / HF Circuits
4. High Strength Weld Joints.
5. Low Temperature Rise.
6. High Insulation Resistance.
7. Non Flammable Construction.

Silicone Coated High Precision Instrumentation Resistors

Key Features
1. High Temp. Silicone Coating.
2. Close Tolerance, Low TCR.
3. Non Inductive Versions.
4. Low Temperature Rise.
5. High Stability.
6. Suitable for Instrumentation.